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Ukyo (右京 Ukyō) was one of Enju's allies before Enju killed him. He also drank the moon spring water. It was shown that he was Asagiri's lover, who allied himself with Enju solely in the hopes of finding Asagiri again. He fell in love with her after she "accidentally" kissed him. Ukyo gave her a moonstone bracelet that he made as a token of forgiveness. Later, Asagiri gets mad at him because he also gave one to Lady Shimoni and gives the bracelet back to Ukyo saying she don't want it. He asks her why she hates him so much and she admits that she loved him and that he was kind to every else. He then kisses her on the lips and promises to give Asagiri a moonstone necklace for their wedding. Before he gets killed by Enju, he presents her with the necklace. Being a snow spirit like Asagiri, he also had the power of snow.


Ukyo (右京) means "Feather Echo" in Japanese.


Ukyo has slanted eyes and black hair that is usually tied into a long pony tail or braid.

Soul Symbol[]

Ukyo's soul symbol (真 Shin) translates to "Purity".


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