Shuri (朱里 Shuri) is one of Enju's followers. He betrayed the ninja village and is the childhood friend of Kohaku, Aoba and Hayate. Shuri also has feelings for Kohaku and in Volume 5, he told her he loved her.


Before Shuri became a immortal, Shuri has medium, black hair that falls down on his shoulders. He also has black eyes. When he drank the Moon Spring Water, a stone was embedded on his forehead symbolising he is a youko and has the powers of a tremendous youko. After drinking the Moon Spring Water, Shuri's hair has grown increasingly long. In Volume 4, Hayate described him having a hair like a rat's nest.

Personality Edit

Shuri is quiet and has a gloomy personality. Hayate described him as having an incredibly shy personality in Volume 5. In Volume 4, Maimai described him as a "Sour Puss"


Shuri and his brother Hato had received an secret mission from the Emperor. The Emperor wishes Shuri and Hato to betray the Ninja Village and pledge allegiance to the Moon People and then inform to them about their motives and activities. Shuri and Hato accepted the mission without hesitation. After four days later, Shuri and Hato continues to spy on Enju and his followers. However, Enju saw Hato from an incredibly far distance and smiled at him. Hato was surprised and runs off with Shuri. Shuri wonders why and Hato tries to think of an idea to join the Moon People. Hato takes out a bomb and he tells Shuri, that the both of them got into an argument and that Shuri ended up killing him and he also confronts Shuri to use this as a reason to join them.

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