Princess Yuri (百合 Yuri) is one of the protagonists that appears in Sakura Hime. She had taken interest to both Aoba and Fujimurasaki, which leads to Princess Sakura being jealous of her. In Volume 10, It is also revealed that she is Maimai's older sister. Princess Yuri's real name is Lily.


Yuri (百合) means "Lily" in Japanese.


Princess Yuri is very beautiful in appearance. She has pale, long and curly blue hair that reaches down to a undetermined length and she has aqua eyes. She is seen wearing a traditional kimono most of the time and her hair adorns two pretty pink flowers. In Volume 10, she cuts her hair in order to escape with Maimai.


When first introduced, she appears to be a kind person, she also sounds very aloof and elegant. However, after her jealousy of Sakura is revealed, she turns out to be a very stubborn and cruel person. After Fujimurasaki proposes to her, she comes to neutral terms with Sakura.

Soul SymbolEdit

Yuri's soul symbol is the same as her brother Maimai's, "Beauty".

History Edit

Princess Yuri is the daughter of the Minister of the Right. As the story progresses, it is revealed that Princess Yuri is not actually the true daughter of the Minister of the Right. The real Princess Yuri died when she was only three years-old, as she was very sickly and weak. The Kita-no-Kata (the legal wife) was already mentally unstable and she was anxious that The Minister of the Right would abandon her if he found out that Princess Yuri died. The Kita-no-Kata requested her lady-in-waiting, Akane to get her a child in order to replace Princess Yuri. Akane was Princess Yuri's wet nurse, she was very strict and taught Yuri everything about beauty and to also capture the hearts of noblemen. However, as the story progresses, Yuri fired Akane because she seemingly hated her and the fact she had to be taught to become a princess. However, it turns out she only fired her because Akane had a beautiful heart and she wanted Akane to be freed.

Relationships Edit

Maimai: Yuri shares a very close relationship with Maimai when they first met, despite not knowing that they were siblings at first because Maimai disguised himslef

Princess Sakura:

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