Princess Kaguya is the grandmother of Princess Sakura. She has the ability to wield Chizakura, which is the only weapon that is able to defeat youko. Later in the series, Sakura finds out that Enju was trying to revive Princess Kaguya. Sakura felt miserable because she thought that Enju only wanted her as a substitute for Princess Kaguya. Enju explains to Sakura that he loved her and he only wanted to revive Kaguya because he didn't wanted Sakura to dirty her hands. Kaguya was later awakened in Volume 12, where she made her first appearance. However, she was resurrected imperfectly and was nothing more than a youko that craves destruction. Kaguya manages to get a hold of Chizakura and tries to kill Sakura and the others.


Kaguya's name means "radiant night" in Japanese.

Soul SymbolEdit

Kaguya's soul symbol is unknown.

Apperance Edit

Kaguya has long silver hair that reaches down to her legs and she has golden eyes.

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