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Moon Spring Water is a mystical water that allows humans to gain immortality and some powers of people of the moon.It gives the drinker immortality and great strength.


  • Enju(Kai)-Princess Sakura's older brother has the people of the moons blood in him and due to his hatred towards humans and hopes to reinstate the moon kingdom enju drank the Moon spring water this turned his hair a silvery-gray. He has also gained great amounts of power and immortality.
  • Maimai(Den)-One of Enju's followers believing in reinstating the moon kingdom. Maimai drank M'oon spring water 'due to his deformaty he gained soon after birth, he was treated as a monster by others in his village driving him to a point where he excepted to abondon his village for beauty by drinking the Moon spring water.
  • Shuri-One of Enju's followers believing in reinstating the moon kigdom. Shuri drank Moon spring water to be able t complete his mission so he could inform the capital of what the moon people are doing.
  • Ukyo-One of Enju's followers believing in reinstating the moon kingdom. Ukyo drank Moon spring water to see Asagiri again after the destruction of their home village.
  • Rurijo-One of Enju's most devoted followers due to fact that Enju made her in the image of Princess Sakura. Rurijo baths in Moon spring water to keep her human form so she can stay with Enju and help him with his mission as a thank you for creating her new form. She has fallen in love with him over the years to what Enju has done for her.
  • Hayate-A ninja from the ninja village. Hayate has been washed with Moon spring water by Rurijo. This has made his original human form permanent breaking the jutsu put on him by Kohaku.