Chap 16 MaiMai

Maimai, (舞々 Maimai) is one of Enju's allies. He also drank the moon spring water. He dresses up as a girl. Born "Tsukuda" (snail) it was shown that when he was young, he had ugly scars from an accident and that his fellow villagers thought of him as repulsive. One girl, Mai, the most beautiful girl in the village, befriended him because she thought he was pitiful. After Maimai became beautiful from the spring water, he murdered everyone from his village and killed Mai because he felt ugly in her presence. It is revealed that he is Princess Yuri's younger brother, and has the same soul symbol as her[1].


Maimai is first mistaken as a girl by Sakura because he dressed up as a female. Maimai has blue hair and violet eyes.


Maimai's name (舞々) means "dance".

Soul SymbolEdit

Maimai's soul symbol is "Beauty".

References Edit

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