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|Romaji = Asagiri
|Romaji = Asagiri
|Gender = Female
|Gender = Female
|Relatives = None
|Relatives = Ukyo - Fiance
|Race = Youko
|Race = Youko
|Soul Symbol = 「優」Kindness}}
|Soul Symbol = 「優」Kindness}}

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Asagiri (朝霧 Asagiri) is a Yuki-Onna who drank the blood of a One-Inch Spirit. Asagiri used to live in Snowy Night Village before she was chosen to be sacrificed to the God that "protected" her village. She is in love with Ukyo. After her village was destroyed, she got captured by a man who would sell her and steal her back every night to make money.

She was purchased by Sakura in exchange for her kimono. She can use her powers to return to full size and control snow at the cost of her life's energy.


Asagiri has the ability to return to full size and control snow at the cost of her life's energy.

Because she drank the blood of a One-Inch Spirit, she is cursed to live two lives at once. Enju and Byakuya stated that once the marks on her back cover her whole body, she will die. Aoba has the same curse.

Character ConceptEdit

Asagiri is one of Arina Tanemura's favourite characters in this manga.


Asagiri (朝霧) means "Morning Fog" in Japanese.


As a snow spirit, Asagiri is small in size. As a woman, she has an average height, her pale pink hair reaching to an undetermined length, with two bells adorning each side of her head. She wears a simple Yukata with a baby-blue obi. She has fair skin and violet eyes.

Soul SymbolEdit

Asagiri's soul symbol (優 ) translates to "Kindness".

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