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Aoba (青葉 Aoba), also known as Prince Oura (王良親王 Ōra Shinnō) is the deuteragonist in Sakura hime Kaden. He is the imperial prince of the kingdom and disguised as a imperial messenger. He has been engaged to Sakura since he was three years old. He is very talented and is skilled in martial arts, horseback riding and calligraphy. He said that he has so many talents because he wants to be the perfect man for Sakura. He never visited Sakura when she was little but he has always been watching over her. He can use a spell to transform into a wolf, in reality that form is a result after an attack on his life with poison. When he now uses his wolf form, it bruises his body and takes some of his life span, eating it away each time.

Appearance Edit

Aoba has dark blue hair and eyes.


Aoba's name, 青葉, means "Greenery" in Japanese.

Soul SymbolEdit

Aoba's Soul Symbol (生 Sei) translates to "Life/Birth".

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